We are 10star!

A B2B supplier to licensed sportsbooks, built to leverage our market-making and risk management expertise gained from over 25 years of sports betting and financial trading in the toughest markets.

Our mission is simple – to improve your bottom line through higher profits, increased turnover, lower volatility and reduced operating costs.

We don’t follow the market. We drive it.


Outperform the Market

10star is built around an ethos of treating pricing, trading and risk management as specialist functions, going against the established industry trend of managing sports betting as “content”. Using both risk on the book and customer analytics as part of price formation, 10star delivers returns on turnover that out-perform current industry norms - known in financial circles as generating “alpha”.

By using our solutions our partners will:

Improve profits through bespoke risk management

Differentiate in a crowded and homogenised market

Reduce CPA and move away from the destructive cost of mass-market engagement

Increase turnover by having the confidence to stand larger positions

Decrease their volatility of returns through enhanced price management


Best of Breed, Customised Solutions



10star offers a fully integrated managed trading and risk management proposition that generates higher returns on turnover – “alpha” – for our partners. We generate alpha through our use of proprietary maths models, risk algorithms and customer diagnostics. Using a combination of your specific risk position, deep customer analytics and a knowledge of the underlying global liquidity pool, we provide higher returns on turnover than the rest of the industry is capable of.


Neural is a cutting-edge set of analytic services geared to “health check” your business. Initially available as a service we perform on your historical wagering data, our neural modules are the building blocks of the automated trading systems we use to create alpha. Neural is designed to provide a ground-breaking insight into your business’ performance on a customer, sport, market or even supplier level.


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