Using neural, our partners have the benefit of accessing our existing big data, machine learning analytic tools that have been built to get a deep insight into all aspects of sportsbook business – customers, sports, markets, pre-match or live – and use the outcomes to improve performance.

Neural takes the methodology and drivers used in the processes to create alpha and packages them into a set of individual modules, to be used either individually or combined.

Player Insight (Pi)

Pi has been designed to uncover where skill and sharpness is present in an anonymised customer data set to allow you to accurately profile your customer base – even on very small sample sizes. Using customer insight to automate price moves is the key differentiator behind the alpha service, and Pi allows our partners to gain this initial benefit for their sportsbook.

Market Understanding (Mu)

Mu is a powerful business analysis tool that reviews your entire bet flow to understand how your overall sportsbook is performing by several filters – sport, competition, market type, pre-match, in-play etc. Analysing your entire bet flow leads to an understanding of how efficiently all aspects of your sportsbook are performing in relation to each other, giving an initial overview of where to focus improvement or drive more business.


Utilising the Mu model, Score is designed to assess the quality of the prices generated from your or your suppliers’ models relative to the algorithms used to generate alpha. Score provides an insight into how aspects of the models you currently use can be improved. Even in the absence of the fully integrated, risk driven solution that generates alpha, marginal gains in high turnover sports can have meaningful impacts on top line performance, so you can use Score to either improve your own pricing or hold your existing suppliers to account for theirs.

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