Outperform the Market

10star delivers betting products and services proven to out-perform the market.

Customised Solutions

Our automated solutions are designed to give you the strongest model-driven opening prices for pre-match supported by market-leading algorithms for in-play betting. Your prices are traded according to the type and size of business you generate in relation to your overall attitude to risk and your requirements for brand positioning. This concept of using risk as an automated input into our superior mathematical models adds a unique level of excellence that is not available anywhere else.

Improve Performance

By using our solutions our partners will:

  • Improve profits through bespoke risk management
  • Differentiate in a crowded and homogenised market
  • Reduce CPA and move away from the destructive cost of mass-market engagement
  • Increase turnover by having the confidence to stand larger positions
  • Decrease their volatility of returns through enhanced price management

Grow Market Share

Our ethos of treating pricing, trading and exposure management as specialist functions – rather than treating sporting odds as “content” – drives operational efficiency and tangible bottom line improvement. A focus on the specific pricing and trading parts of your value chain reintroduces the concept of pricing differentiation to gain market share that has gone missing in a world of fungible sportsbooks.

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