Introducing 10star

10star – launched by the same owner of industry-leading operator Pinnacle – has been created to leverage our proprietary sports pricing and market-making mindset to provide world-leading pricing, trading and risk management services for sportsbooks operating in global, regulated markets.

10star supplies operators with a bespoke suite of sports, trading products, analytics and betting services that combine to produce higher returns on turnover than existing market solutions are capable of. In financial terms this is known as generating alpha and is a concept just as important in the world of sportsbook – it just has not been available. Until now.

Generating Alpha

Generating sports-betting alpha is made possible by 10star’s distinctive algorithmic risk modelling, rooted in the same quantitative techniques used by the global financial industry but adapting them to account for how customers and operators engage with sporting events rather than financial ones. The outcome is a differentiating set of sports-betting methodologies and processes, reflective of those that have made Pinnacle the industry’s “go-to” sportsbook for pricing expertise for over 20 years.

Industry Headwinds

We extract and assess the information present in your customers’ bets and use this to run the sort of processes otherwise associated with managing financial portfolios. The outcome is that we deliver our sportsbook partners higher returns, lower volatility, improved brand differentiation and a sustainable increase in market share. Our solutions are designed to move the industry away from the destructive levels of marketing spend and price homogenisation that continue to generate sub-optimal returns.

Our proposition has been created to overcome the ever-strengthening industry and macro-economic headwinds that are here to stay. We enable our partners to out-perform in an increasingly hard environment, using best-of-breed processes proven to succeed in the toughest global markets.


Best of Breed, Customised Solutions



A fully integrated managed trading and risk management solution that provides operators with made-to-measure risk management on top of market leading pricing and trading. Uniquely, alpha uses the partner’s risk that is generated on their book as an input into the price itself, so it is the only fully integrated, bespoke risk management solution in the market.


Neural is a cutting-edge set of analytic services geared to “health check” your business. Initially available as a service we perform on your historical wagering data, our neural modules are the building blocks of the integrated trading solution we use to create alpha. Neural is designed to provide a ground-breaking insight into your business’ performance on a customer, sport, market or even supplier level.

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